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6-7-2024 - I am inpatient at Paoli Hospital. In a ward for serious patients. Surgery scheued for later today. More to follow.

6-6-2024 - I did receive a call from someone who indicates she works in the office of Dr. Richard Snyder at Independence Blue Cross. I’m impressed and humbled to get a call back. Unfortunately, my Google-based phone number will not work over the hospital Wi-Fi. Many ports are blocked here and services are limited. I understand that reserves important bandwidth for the serious issues here. I wrote back to the lady via email and let her know. I’m looking forward to talking to her next week.

6-5-2024 - Despite the fact that the urgent care did a fantastic job, the assignment was beyond them, and the red infection is advancing rapidly. It’s late at night. but I wrote an impassioned email to Independence Blue Cross to plead some way in which we can resume services. I am left with no choice, but to surrender myself to the hospital against my will.

Infection out of control

My prayer through pain

'Cause there's a monster livin' under my bed
Whisperin' in my ear
There's an angel with her hand on my head
She say, "I got nothin' to fear
There's a darkness livin' deep in my soul
I still got a purpose to serve
So let your light shine
Deep into my home
God, don't let me lose my nerve


6-4-2024 - I can't get anyone at ibx and they're having a big party today. Big parties every day. I went to mainline urgent care in Broomall.

Here's what they found.

6-4-2024 - I was contacted by Senator Casey's office. The staff member there asked me to call her to discuss this. I gave her as much information as I can. She indicated she will go back to her supervisor and see what can be done.

I have contacted Senator Bob Casey.

6-4-2024 - I had a very positive and validating experience in the Mainline Health Urgent care center in Broomall, PA.Here's what they found.

I presented it myself to Mainline Urgent Care, knowing that their computers are going to associate me with Independence Blue Cross. The facility is new and absolutely beautiful, somewhat reminiscent of a classic shopping mall inside. I jokingly asked the receptionist where the Mrs fields Cookies was located. Two strangers having a moment of levity during a time of crisis. Once inside, I kept my head down but the intake lady did indicate she saw I had an insurance that she called Keystone. I told her that that was Independence Blue Cross and I had a lot of problems with that company. I asked her if I could pay out of pocket. She said yes. It was only $50 more. That was comforting. I would have left if the answer was no and gone to a different private urgent care. Then she asked me to take a seat to wait. She went behind the back wall. I couldn't see her, but I could still hear her. She said in a sarcastic tone, can you believe this guy has problems with Independence Blue Cross? Suddenly, the entire back office erupted into laughter. I heard 4 or 5 people laughing back there in chorus. Why is it so openly known and accepted that this is such a terrible company? When are we going to do something to change this?

6-3-2024 - I called the numbers that were given to me by Community Volunteers in Medicine, but those places are so busy I still haven't been able to get through. I will keep trying, but I feel embarrassed contacting a place overworked helping the public when I have private insurance. I have turned to Senator Bob Casey.

I have contacted Senator Bob Casey.

6-3-2024 - Donna Crilley Farrell

The communications director is aware of me.
The communications director is aware of me.

5-31-2024 - I received a response from Community Volunteers in Medicine.

They indicated that although their charter is for uninsured persons, they are 100 per cent sympathetic to my plight. They have offered the following. resources for persons who are under-insured. My relationship with independence Blue Cross meets the definition of underinsured. Although there are only two options, located many miles from my home, I'm still excited to possibly have the first access to blood pressure medication in years. The two resources are:

Center for Family Health at Coatesville
744 East Lincoln Highway
Suite 110
Coatesville, PA 19320

Medical: 610-380-4660
Dental: 610-383-3888
After Hours: 610-359-3759


731 W Cypress St, Kennett Square, PA 19348
Phone: (610) 444-7550

5-28-2024 - Kathleen L. of Independence Blue Cross did call me back this AM concenerning our 5/06/2024 phone call. She indicates she found a way for me to get my records. That's great because the link I found on 5/6/2024 when I spoke to Katheen is only for children. She will send me the information via eMail.

5-25-2024 - Commentary: 4th anniversary of George Floyd's death - George Floyd, systemic discrimination, and me.

It's been 4 years since the tragic death of George Floyd. I was reminded of this by a post from Gregory Deavens of Independence Blue Cross on his LinkedIn profile. At 4 years, it seems just like yesterday. Mr. Floyd had a right to live, and it was denied. In re-reviewing his story, I realized his connection to mine:

His famous quote is: “I can't breathe.” He had a police officer's foot on his throat. I don't take it lightly when I make the comparison that Independence Blue Cross has had its foot on my throat for the past seven years. I can't breathe either. Literally. I am short winded walking very short distances. I become light headed and get chest pains lifting things in my daily life and at my job. Heart attack, stroke, or death are imminent. I recognize that my cardiovascular health is significantly compromised, and recently ordered this oxygen concentration device out-of-pocket so that I can breathe. George Floyd didn't get the opportunity to order a oxygen device. A police officer kneeled on his neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds, and then he died. However, in the comparative sense, Mr. Floyd was put down more humanely because he died within minutes of the attack beginning. I've been dying for the last seven years. In his case and mine, people who could help stood by idly.

Systemic discrimination. The police officers were able to treat him disrespectfully because it was an integrated part of their culture. It was part of the organized structural behavior of the Police Department. They thought nothing of their actions, they thought their actions were correct.
Many of the people whom I have sent this website to ask me how I developed the list of keyword names seen here. I maintain my position that that list is only something I came up with when researching keywords for search engines to promote this website. However, some have pointed out that the legally available domain names are in some cases similar to real persons. Admittedly, that's true. it's not a list of Executives at Independence Blue Cross and their affiliates. It's merely a list of persons, over the last 7 years, that I have passionately reached out to for assistance. No responses. So one might consider it a list of Shame. It's more than a list of shame. It's evidence of systemic discrimination. It's evidence that there is a directive within Independence Blue Cross to not communicate or provide me any assistance. “No comfort for the enemy.”

It changed everything. 4 years later, we're still talking about him. That's the silver lining of the tragedy. I hope to make a life saving change in healthcare that will be recognized at least 4 years from now. Had we not all reacted passionately to George Floyd's death, police officers would still be mailing on the throats of black people. Now, police officers think twice now before engaging in such behavior. I want to make it so that insurance company executives think twice before engaging in systemic discrimination.

I am the slow motion George Floyd. I bet his family would have liked to have been able to pull the police officer off of him before he was killed. It's too late for that. but there is something the reader of this website can do to honor George Floyd's memory: Work to pull Independence Blue Cross off of my throat.
In today's world, it is absolutely unacceptable to discriminate based on race. However, if you discriminate based upon disability, where a financial gain is achieved, that's completely acceptable. Blue Cross / Blue Shield has always been a leader in discrimination. They have just switched from one form to another.
Two wrongs don't make a right. Honor Mr Floyd's memory by promoting equality in healthcare.

05-20-2024 - Things are unfortunately not going so well, my heart condition is not sustainable. Still no response from Independence Blue Cross as to how I might resume medical services. Independence Blue Cross is aggressively promoting that they will be in my neighborhood on June 4th to conduct a fundraiser for Community Volunteers in Medicine. I've reached out to CVIM to see if I can get any access to healthcare via them.

05-19-2024 - Trump and Biden have agreed to debate, the fight for Pennsylvania (and America) has begun! I am currently drafting a letter to each camp. Who will be first to address "Joe the Worker"? Will I be able to reach them?!

President Joe Biden:

He should have the advantage, having been the VP for ObamaCare. His current commercials state "HealthCare is a basic human right". Democrats are generally perceived as more healthcare friendly.
He has done little to further advance the goals of ObamaCare. His numbers in Pennsylvania continue to drop. Kim Keck and Gregor Deavens of Blue Cross have repeatedly proudly posted that they have been invited to The White House. Does President Biden support HealthCare as a basic human right, or does he support Blue Cross?

Former President Donald Trump:

Pros: The Trump Administration took historic actions to lower prescription drug prices, expand access to affordable coverage, deliver hospital and insurer price transparency, and allow Americans to access trusted doctors.
Cons:Mr. Trump is a bold and boisterous personality that many Americans reject. He currently is facing numerous legal challenges. Republicans are generally perceived as less healthcare friendly.

Good Luck to both parties! May the best candidate for President win.
I look forward to promoting the candidate who can best answer the question: How would you protect Joe the worker from companies like Independence Blue Cross.

05-13-2024 - Once again Blue Cross lawyers are reviewing my Linkdin Profile. This is not the first time, but this is the first time it's the lawyers from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Usually it's just the lawyers with Independence Blue Cross. It's good to see I'm getting noticed!
Blue Cross Lawyers are studying me.

05/06/2024 - I spoke with Kathleen L. of Independence Blue Cross. I asked her for the method of releasing my case file. I also asked if phone calls are ever released, as all phone call are prefaced with a message that they are recorded for quality and training purposes. Kathleen indicated she was confused, since IBX is a health insurance company and not a medical company. I was looking for any records of interaction between myself and the company. We also discussed the letter that she sent to me dated 12/23/2021, which is a written statement from Independence Blue Cross that I totally disagreed with. More on that on a coming update to this website. Kathleen did indicate that she would return to her supervisors to re-review the issue. I am appreciative of that.

Update: After the call, I googled my request, and found this link on the first search:

Authorization for Disclosure of Sensitive Health Information

It is exactly what I was looking for.

04/26/2024 - US Supreme Court urged to strike lawyers' $667 mln fee in Blue Cross case

04/01/2024 - Blue Cross Blue Shield must face Ford Motor antitrust claims, US judge rules

02/05/2024 - My credit score is officially back to pre-attack levels. And everyone who helped has been completely paid back.

10/25/2023 - $2.7 bln Blue Cross antitrust settlement upheld by US appeals court